Special Issue: Digital Influencers and Creative Industries


         Studies about digital influencers—commonly called creators today—have consolidated along different theoretical-methodological perspectives: studies on celebrities (ABIDIN, 2018; ABIDIN, 2022), platformization (POELL, NIEBORG, DUFFY, 2022; ARRIAGADA, BISHOP, 2021), communication and media (KARHAWI, 2020), and digital labor (DUFFY, 2017). This plurality has also shaped a supposed discipline (CUNNINGHAM, CRAIG, 2021; ABIDIN, KARHAWI, 2021) demonstrated by the fertile discussion arising from the topic, which we intend to highlight in this dossier for the Brazilian Creative Industries Journal: Digital Influencers and Creative Industries.
         For the scope of this dossier, digital influencers and/or creators are understood as different content producers who act—for professional and commercial reasons—on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch and others. The creative industry, in turn, is characterized as having intellectual capital and creativity among its core values and includes activities like the arts, games, communication, design, audiovisual, information technology, and technology.
         Thus, bearing in mind the professional activities of digital influencers in the field of communication and the creative industries, this dossier aims to bring together multidisciplinary works that examine aspects such as:
         - Digital influencers and creative industries;
         - Digital influencers and business models;
         - Digital influencers and sociabilities;
         - Digital influencers and creativity;
         - Digital influencers and content strategies and production;
         - Digital influencers and relations with distinct markets;
         - Digital influencers, entrepreneurship and management;
         - Digital influencers, consumption and brands;
         - Digital influencers, pop culture and fans;
         - Digital influencers, platforms and platformization;
         - Digital influencers and labor relations;
         - Digital influencers and disinformation.
         Works that articulate broader questions like methodological perspectives and conceptual approaches will also be considered. Works by national and foreign authors (written in Portuguese and/or English) are welcomed to be submitted for publication, as well as various types of content that contribute to the development of the field. The journal accepts works by authors holding a graduate degree and master’s students in co-authorship with PhDs. Articles must be submitted by 20/11/2022 directly on the journal’s website: https://feev.as/bcij-submissao

Guest Editor: Dra. Issaaf Karhawi (Unisinos/Brazil)
Editor in chief: Dra. Vanessa Amalia Dalpizol Valiati (Feevale/Brazil)

Submission deadline: December 02, 2022
Publication date: February 28, 2023

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