Call for papers: Cities and Creative Territories


          Creative cities emerge as an alternative for the development of the urban environment with a view to greater sustainability in the cultural, social, economic and environmental spheres. Their main characteristic is the collective, inclusive and collaborative actions of the population for urban transformations and adaptations with the best use of culture in its multiple expressions in urban and rural areas that result in the solution of city problems, generation of opportunities and improvement of quality of life.
          In turn, but not disconnected from the daily life of cities, creative territories emerge recognized for their history and autochthonous riches. These can be multiscale (squares, streets, neighborhoods, districts, clusters of cities, etc.), covering different and varied public and/or private spaces, in addition to normative demarcations.
          This call focusing on Creative Cities and Territories seeks to broaden the debate on this topic, expecting contributions from different areas of knowledge, perspectives, realities and countries.
          The objective of the magazine is to publish unpublished and innovative academic articles related to areas related to the Creative Industry. Works produced by national and foreign authors, as well as other differentiated content formats that contribute to the development of the field, are accepted for publication. The journal accepts works by doctors and by masters (in co-authorship with doctors).

Guest editors:
Mary Sandra Guerra Ashton (Universidade Feevale)
Magnus Luiz Emmendoerfer (Universidade Federal de Viçosa)

Vanessa Amalia Dalpizol Valiati (Universidade Feevale)

June 15: closing date for submission of papers
August 30: publication of special issue

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